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November 4, 2013
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Armonia App-JJJ v.2 by birdmir Armonia App-JJJ v.2 by birdmir
Gonna try one more time.


Name : Jonah Johnston Jr. – but he pretty much goes by either J.J.J. or just “J”


Age : 14

Gender: Male

Pokémon : Nidoran (shiny)  <da:thumb id="440258007">

Birthday: Feb. 9

Nature: Timid

Ability : Poison Point

Hometown : Solaceon Town

Height: 4 ft 5 inches

Weight: 65 lbs

Personality: J’s kind of sort of—wussie. He’s perpetually terrified of getting splinters or falling or of things that go bump in the night. At the same time, he’s desperate to show that he can be tough, so he can be easily goaded into doing something dangerous and stupid. To tell the truth, his strengths lie more in the thinking area, where he’s pretty good at puzzles and logic. J hasn’t realized this about himself yet, so until then, he’ll probably still be bumping along in life. He’d love to make friends, lots and lots of friends, but he’s just too shy and scared to strike out on his own. He’s the sort of person who’d steadily drop subtle hints about what they want, but becomes uncomfortable if confronted directly.

History :  Jonah Johnston Jr. was born to Ruby Johnston and uh, Jonah Johnston. I guess this goes without saying, but J was the wrong color for a male Nidoran. He was, however, the very right color for a female. His pops was somewhat aghast at his little boy’s effeminate hue, and let us say here that his pops was the antithesis of anything girly. This Nidoking was a MAN. He was a MANLY MAN, a MAN that WRESTLED ARCANINES and CHEWED BRICKS and LIKED FOOTBALL YEAH! Jethro Sr., despite his rather blunt personality, was a nice guy. So, he decided to teach his boy everything there is to know about being a MAN. That way, if anyone ever laughed at him, Junior could just piledrive them into the Earth’s core! So thus began JJJ’s life of terror. His school life was decent, actually, as the other kids had enough tact not to say anything. But his dad still thought he was a target for bullying, and no matter what J said, he could not be convinced otherwise.

“How was school, son?” “Great. Got an B+ in Phsy Ed.” “Phys Ed.? That stands for HOME ECONOMICS, doesn’t it?!? And the other twerps must have LAUGHED AT YOU for being so GIRLY and AAAARGH I’M GONNA CRUSH THEM AARGH”

So Pops would then force J into performing some manly act, like PUNCHING RHYDONS IN THE FACE or EATING ALL THE BEEF JERKY IN THE STORE and J would inevitably end up getting halfway in the thing and then passing out. His mom would let this go on, as she was taking care of the other three kids, and anyhow, she seemed to view it as a sweet father-son relationship. Strange. Anyways, it was late August when Jethro Senior decided on the newest manly adventure: Catching the Giant Seaking in the local lake. When J caught wind of this, he passed out. Then he woke up. Then he passed out again. When he got up that morning, JJJ began the usual ritual of  hiding in his closet, bed, or bookcase, terrified out of his mind. He was practically in tears now, as the parade of wild and exciting adventures was taking its toll, and he felt like he would just collapse if he had to go through another one. He heard the footsteps, the heavy staccato clumping of his father down the hall. J held his breath,feeling the sides of the closet pressing against him. The sound of Jonah Sr.’s feet became louder and louder until they stopped outside JJJ’s door. J just stared ahead, not breathing, not moving, just feeling the fear swallow him from the inside. The doorknob turned with a soft insidious click- and that’s when J decided to add another stop to his normal routine: the window.

He gasped, screamed and made a 5 foot leap for the window that would have made any athlete proud. His daddy stared, shocked as J swooshed right out of his room and skidded down the side of the roof. At this point, J was so scared, he was numb. He held on to the edge of the roof, dangling above the gladioli. His father shoved his head out of his window, saw his son swaying like a wind chime, and nearly flipped out. He pulled his head back in, shouting for J to stay calm, but that was futile. J wasn’t even thinking anymore, just holding on for dear life as the neighborhood started to gather round under him. J just kept his terrified grip. His family came outside, and his pops rushed below J, calling out to him.

“JUNIOR! Let go, I’ll catch you!”

J considered this. His father had good hand-eye coordination, good reflexes, and probably cared enough about J not to let him fall. On the other hand, this plan involved letting go, which he would only do under threat of a chainsaw. Well, J couldn’t keep his grip anyway, so he fell. His father reached out, eyes never leaving his son, while the crowd gasped. J’s mama clean fainted away.

Jonah Sr. missed and J fell into the flowers.

“Oooooh…” groaned the crowd.

“Kmfrglglll…”moaned J.

His father looked stunned, then sheepish and worried as he hefted J up. He seemed to be okay, but he had apparently fainted on the way down. His parents were understandably concerned, but J was just relieved that he didn’t have to go catch the fish. However, it soon became evident that they were planning something else, and J just prayed it didn’t involve arm-wrestling. Eventually ,the secret plan was explained to J: Instead of his pops taking him out on these manly excursions , it was decided he would now be sent to a faraway boarding school. Apparently living away from home was considered manly in Daddy’s books, as he imagined boarding school to be place where you were forced to stand up for yourself or else be smacked with wet towels by the big kids. J just praised the Lrd when he heard this- no more “father-son” bonding for a while.

Well, here’s hoping this is a nice normal school for the boy.

Summary characteristic : Alert to sounds

Hobbies:  He collects things. The thing is, we’re not entirely sure what things this blue thing collects, because he’s never specified the nature of his thingies. He does, however, have one of those metal detector objects, you know, the ones shaped sorta like a broom, and he enjoys beachcombing with it.
:new: He's since branched out into collecting, well, everything. You could even say he's become a hoarder. His stamps are under his bed, old book covers live in his pillowcase, and you'd have to navigate broken Pokeball parts to get to his undershirt drawer.

His favorite pastime would have to be puzzles. He doesn’t read or watch mysteries because they make him nervous, but he owns a variety of puzzle toys and crossword collections.

Favorite Berry Flavor: Dry

Extras: He suffers from insomnia because he suffers from indigestion because he suffers from anxiety.

He's also,like, constantly twitchy. Imagine a bunny rabbit on espresso. The only time he holds still is if he's terrified to the point of petrification.

:new: J found he loves to clean and organize, to the point where he'll start arranging  other people belongings. He got a little handheld vacuum, and if he's feeling especially anxious, he'll take to vacuuming the hallway carpets.

Level: 18 21

Main Moveset: Toxic (TM)
                        Protect (TM)
                        Poison Sting
                       Helping Hand

Learnset:    Leer 
                    Focus Energy
                    Double Kick (he's absolutely lousy with this one)

House: Tesla

Classes: Tech Ed
               Home Ec

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bellberrystar Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
I love how his dad was a MANLY MAN who tried to teach him to how to PILEDRIVE BULLIES INTO THE EARTH'S CORE!! :iconsnowflakeyeahplz:

I'm sorry but that was too funny! XD
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations! ^_^ I'm glad he got in :meow: If you'd like him to meet Jace, you can note me about it, or I can note you ^^ I just need to know how you prefer to RP.
birdmir Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Well, my schedule now is really in flux since I'm in college. Notes might get really long delays in between responses, but it might be the best way. What do you think?
Rapha-chan Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Notes would be fine ^^ I don't have a problem with delays between responses as long as neither of us gets bored. I'll send you a note about it =)
Lichtdrache Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad that Jonah made it into the group, he is such a cutie <3
And he loves puzzle games! I'm looking forward to seeing more of him, JJJ is a very interesting character :)
birdmir Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you! 
bellberrystar Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013
Congrats on getting in! :highfive: Much rejoicing! 
birdmir Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconjjjnido: "Th-thanks, I'm excited t-t-oo!"
bellberrystar Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
Hee hee! 

We should totally RP! 
birdmir Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Sure! I'm in college, so I'll be slow in replying, but note me anytime. :)
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