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    1.      This Pokémon is you.

Hitmonchan by CreepyJellyfish


I lied. I am not a bird. I am actually a boxer in a dress.


2. This Pokémon is your best friend:

Articuno icon by Pkmnwelove

Sweet! No one will pick on me ever but this might make sleep overs kinda awkward. And chilly.

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion:

Corphish by CreepyJellyfish


He looks a little….CRABBY. Ahahaha—okay, it’s not a Krabby but I needed to make that joke.

3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project:

 Pumpkaboo-large by CreepyJellyfish

Does this science project involve animating dead corpses? Because I never took AP Bio, so I dunno.

5. This Pokémon is your mother-in-law:

Froakie by CreepyJellyfish


….If this is my mother-in-law, what does my husband look like.

6. This Pokémon is your boyfriend/girlfriend:
Karrablast by CreepyJellyfish

Whoa, dude, I mean, I like you but not like that. I don’t mind being friends, honestly. It’s really not you, it’s just me…not wanting to be your girlfriend....

7. This Pokémon is your ex:

Feraligatr by CreepyJellyfish


He got kinda snappy sometimes.


8. This Pokémon stalks your every waking moment:

Noctowl by CreepyJellyfish


Am I up during the night? Is it sleep deprived during the day? How is this stalking thing working?

9. This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you:


Venomoth by CreepyJellyfish


Erm…cute? Do I like to snuggle with it is a question. Answer: no not really

10. This Pokémon ate all your cake:

Feebas by CreepyJellyfish



11. This Pokémon is what you felt in bed last night:

Sawsbuck by CreepyJellyfish


“How was your sleep last night, sweetie?”

“Fine, mom, just found a large floral deer under my feet.”

“….How late are you staying up?”

12. This Pokémon punched your mom:


Gloom by CreepyJellyfish





we’re taking you down.

13. This Pokémon will do anything to steal your shoes:.


Snover by CreepyJellyfish


Dude. You can just ask.

….They don’t even fit your tiny pinecone feet.

14. This Pokémon died by your own hands:
Sunflora by CreepyJellyfish


but it wouldn’t stop smiling at me

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life:

Bronzong by CreepyJellyfish


: D ….. a girl and her….large….psychic bell….monster… <v<;


16. This Pokémon reads you bedtime stories:

Larvesta by CreepyJellyfish

Awww, so cute and huggable and highly flammable!

17. This Pokémon is your loving pet:


Pawniard by CreepyJellyfish


I love you! Please don’t ever ever ever hug me!

18. This Pokémon is your creepy dentist:

Victini by CreepyJellyfish


But he’s adorable! And radioactive!

19. This Pokémon is what you dream about every night:


Aerodactyl Icon by kittykat01 

I…erm…well, I….


20. This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house:

Carbink by CreepyJellyfish 


Ooh. I mean, dang. Call the jeweler. I mean, the exterminator.

21. This Pokémon plays with you in an alternate universe:

Nidorino by CreepyJellyfish


You wish you had a spiky venomous rabbit thing as your friend.

22. This Pokémon is your guardian angel:


Tentacool by CreepyJellyfish


….Maybe I shouldn’t get into trouble then.

23. This Pokémon wants to draw with you:


Totodile by CreepyJellyfish


wait, are you related to my ex?

24. This Pokémon is the first you will encounter:

Grumpig by CreepyJellyfish


Well, looks like it’s just a ham for attention! What a pig.  It's just hogging the spotlight.

25. This Pokémon will come take care of you when you can't:

Pansear by CreepyJellyfish

thank you man. I leave to you my stuffed animals and bananas.

26. This Pokémon will be the cause of your death:

Unown by CreepyJellyfish


Omg. But I’ve been your biggest fan! Admittedly, you are terrifying and creepy.

…do I really deserve to be offed by the alphabet.

27. This Pokémon loves to steal your hats:

Shieldon by CreepyJellyfish


I need to tell you something. This might be hard for you. But none of my hats will fit you, my friend.

28. This Pokémon always borrows money from you:

Relicanth by CreepyJellyfish

And then it forgets to pay me back, huh? PUNK.

29. This Pokémon loves to play video games with you:

Lampent by CreepyJellyfish


(ovo;;; ) its okay man its cool take whatever controller you want its cool

30. This Pokémon is in charge of tagging people:

Regirock by CreepyJellyfish


:iconvee4valentine: :iconspashai:

You guys don’t have to, but have fun if you do!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi. I'm actually a bird in real life and I do bird things, like eat seeds and shed feathers in your cereal.
I do a lot of art of all sorts, but the only things I'm motivated to post is Pokemon group art

And hey, there will always be challenges, but the cliche is right- a positive attitude will get you through anything. It's a necessity.

NOTE: If I take a liking to your character, I will incessantly churn out copious amounts of fanart of them. When I fall for a character, I fall HARD.

Why the same evidence, but different conclusions? by RebiValeskaDare to draw stamp by Ilona-the-SinisterHumor by Claire-stampsI never curse. :D - STAMP by Natsu714Goats. by Monster-Boarstamp.3 by verenaschwarzViolin Stamp by violetcolorLet's Do Science by ririnyanPhysics Stamp by SSJMihoshiSmile - Stamp by KururuRyuStamp: Words of Encouragement by SouthrobinKindness Stamp by SouthrobinLife is Beautiful by CaramelSugarxI'm such a Mary Sue gais by Chasing--EchoesOptimist Stamp by Melody-ChaosBug-Pokemon-FTW : Logo Entry by TamarinFrogSwinging Torchic Stamp by The-Blue-PangolinWeird pkmn stamp by eternalsaturnUnder-Rated Pokemon by Porygon-Z391-2 Monferno Stamp by PokestampsChesnaught Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsHeracross Stamp by FireFlea-San:Armadillomon Stamp by L3xil3inBP_Izzy and Tentomon Stamp by Stamp221:thumb320545393:Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKittyDisney Stamp by poserfanI :heart: Rarity Stamp by Ilona-the-SinisterHB-stamp by CoolNG90Big Hero 6 Stamp: Low Battery by TMNT-Raph-fan

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KayVeeDee Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
it's a good day
for spontaneous bugs amiright
check ur inventory 
birdmir Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Any day is a good day for spontaneous bugs. Why, just this morning I was saying to myself, "Today is the sort of day that would be perfect with spontaneous bugs."
that aside, this is so cute and appreciated! For me that is. Lucky's probably screamed herself hoarse and locked it in the hamper
i want to make a comic about this
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It is reality! I was just thinking I wanted to do a comic about this too... But then I got this gross flu and I only draw when I need to or physically can and right now neither of those are applicable. At least the DayQuil is working (?)

Get a flu shot if you haven't already please D8

All day every day, bugs flying through the windows, spontaneously materializing on the carpet 
birdmir Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Ugh no, that's awful. They were giving out free flu shots here but I was too lazy to get out of my chair. <v<; I should, I'm a higher risk case costs money...but I live in a city of 8 million...but it costs money....;A;
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, i found something and i had to show you…
you'll know who this is about and why I'm showing you when you see it
birdmir Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Student General Artist
I had to read the title to get it. XD 
Yes, I know. I recognize our "I love you so I will hug you" characters and our "I love you so I will throw a potato at your head" characters there. XD
Finzart Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Thanks for the fav!!
birdmir Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Student General Artist
No prob!
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
dumps goat on ur face
happy birthday here's a goat
birdmir Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Student General Artist
you're late, my birthday passed. unless you're really early, that works. thanks.
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